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Clan is a stable, expandable, module based mobile application building platform
helps you to build your Mobile applications and update the content easily.

All you need to build Stunning apps

Clan is a Plug-and-Play module based mobile app builder. We have many modules help to
build a niche app for your need. If you need custom modules we can build for you ON DEMAND.


Post events organised by RC photos, details of the events.


How it Works

The process of building your mobile app and maintaining
is very simple, you can build your mobile app in few clicks.
How It Works


Use our online app builder to choose your app name, icon, initial screen, colors, fonts and what are the modules you want for your app and build your app.



We will publish your app in iOS app store and Google Play store. The apps will be available in 4 weeks time in the app stores. We will notify you the availability with QR Code, which you can use to publish your app to your users.



Manage your app content from our easy to use cloud based content management system. if you know how to post in facebook you can easily manage the content.

How to manage your App Contents

Clan comes with a cloud based Content Management System to add and edit
content of your mobile apps. You can add multi language content to your apps.
How To Manage


Cloud content management system is simple to use. If you know how to post in facebook or send email you can update content of your app using the CMS.

Preview Content

When you add or edit contents, you can preview them before publishing to users. This makes you to feel the contents in the real devices.

Multi Language content

Clan provides the choice of adding contents in multiple languages to cater to different language speaking, reading people. Users can get the contents in the language based on their choice.

How much does it cost to build and manage your apps

Clan is a software as a service model based app building platform. You don't need to pay high upfront payment to build your app, we charge you only monthly subscriptions for hosting, managing, supporting your app and contents.
Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly

I want only Android app

$129/MONTHbilled monthly
$99/MONTHbilled yearly
  • Android app
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi language content
  • 1GB data storage
  • 499$ one time setup fee

I want only iOS app

$129/MONTHbilled monthly
$99/MONTHbilled yearly
  • IOS app
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi language content
  • 1GB data storage
  • 499$ one time setup fee

I want both apps

Most Popular
$229/MONTHbilled monthly
$179/MONTHbilled yearly
  • Android & IOS apps
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi language content
  • 3GB data storage
  • 799$ one time setup fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my mobile app be published?

Your app will be published in Apple app store for iphones / ipads, and Google play store for all android devices.

When will my app be available in the app stores?

Once you finish designing your app, it will take 3-4 weeks to get the app available in apple app-store, 1-10 days to get the app available in the google play store.

Why is there an annual / monthly fee?

Our mobile app development platform is Software As A Service. You wont pay for the development cost, but pay a subscription fee for using the service. The annual / monthly fee is for hosting, technical support and maintenance of the your app.

Can I publish my app in my developer accounts in google play / iOS app store?

No, Ours is a mobile development platform, and you are using our services. so the apps will be published in our developer account. If you want to publish in your developer host, please do send an mail with details [email protected] we will get back to you about the details.

How can I update the content of my app?

Using our cloud based content management system. simple easy to use content management system, from where you can update the content of your app. If you know how to post content in facebook or send email you can update the content easily in the our cloud-content-mangement-system.

What if I exceed the storage space allowed for my subscription?

Based on your subscription there is a limit to store your content like photos / videos. If you exceed the limit, you can upgrade your storage limit with a small fee.

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